It is easy to recall that the theme for the 2015 Kansas Mental Illness Awareness Month – as well as in other states celebrating it – was B4Stage4. The name for the idea is too impactful to ignore. It means to encourage people to obtain psychological help or get diagnosed early so that their conditions won’t aggravate and, worse, lead to death. If you must know, this Midwestern state had a suicide rate that’s 16.7 percent higher compared to other places in 2013; that’s why the message must have undoubtedly felt spot-on for its inhabitants.

Read some of the things that we learned during this celebration – and you should always remember – below.


1. It Is Vital To Take A Mental Health Screening

Having your mental wellness assessed by a professional is not difficult. You merely need to visit a facility and answer a few questions either verbally or non-verbally. If the results show that you have a disorder, the specialist can point you to different treatments. In case you find out that you are mentally healthy, though, then at least you won’t be wondering your entire life whether you are okay or not.

2. Don’t Worry About What Narrow-Minded Folks Will Say

Are you afraid of getting a diagnosis because of the negative words you might hear from other people? That does not honestly go well with the theme of the 2015 Mental Health Awareness Month. The objective is to make your psychological well-being your top priority before the problem worsens. It is the only way for you to find peace within yourself; that’s why you better stop thinking of what others will say now than later.


3. There Are Support Groups That Can Help You

Last but not least, you cannot forget that various non-profit organizations are out there to offer financial and emotional assistance for people who deal with a mental disorder. You can send an SOS to them anytime, and you’ll see their willingness to help even if they don’t know you personally. The more supporters you have, after all, the stronger you may feel. Hence, you won’t ever be lonely while trying to overcome your condition.


Participate during the Mental Health Awareness Month in your state next year. Cheers!