The Dreadfulness Of Being Alone During The Coronavirus Outbreak


In respect to the excellent capability of our minds, one thing can still haunt us by nature. The idea of getting pressured by all sorts of disappointments and unfavorable circumstances makes us feel vulnerable and incompetent. That is especially when we have no one else by our side. As for this pandemic situation, we are bothered as to whether we fight for survival or just let things happen. We have lots of questions that we need answers to. Like, what if this unfortunate situation will not end? Will we be able to go back to the way it was before? If not, then we can expect to get stuck in a place of appalling loneliness.


The Emotional And Mental Struggle

Perhaps some of us understand and love the idea of solitude. However, being alone for an extended period is not something an ordinary individual can handle. The more this pandemic encourages us to stay away from people and live by ourselves, the more mentally and emotionally abusive it becomes. Well, lucky for those people who can spend their days with family and friends. They can still manage to feed their social health with an ample amount of care, love, and appreciation. But how about those people who don’t have anyone with them? Do you entirely believe they are more than okay with the situation? I guess not.

Understandably, there is nothing much we can do about this pandemic situation. We all need to endure the days of emptiness if we don’t want to lose our minds. Yes, the whole process of surviving this global crisis causes a psychological catastrophe. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to wave the dangers away just like that. Some of us may have the strength to maintain a balanced emotional and mental status. But there are also those individuals who cannot seem to manage even the slightest feeling of sadness.


A Weakening Fear And Worries

Being alone in this pandemic time is not something people should look forward to experiencing. It is not fun nor exciting. It is the opposite of every trailblazing moment one wishes to accomplish. There’s too much pressure in it that can crush hopes and perseverance. It does not support mental and emotional strength either. Instead, it promotes uncomfortability, devastation, and self-destruction.

If one can begin to observe during this time of the pandemic, they might find themselves thanking those people that surround them. That is because of the advantage of social relations that promotes wellness. However, for those individuals who struggle hard alone to survive in this situation, they might end up hating and blaming people for leaving them like that.

It is typically a lot worse to be on our own in an unfortunate and uncertain situation. The worries and fear we have for our lives make us unable to think correctly. If we get lucky, we can manage to live a day with limited smiles on our faces. But when things are worse, all we do is endure the pain and wish it to go away immediately.



Some can’t understand the concept of the pain of being alone during this time. They think that because some are managing their lives better, they need not worry about anything anymore. That is the problem. Every time, when people see you as a reliable and independent individual, they never care. They automatically assume you are okay and that you do not need any help. Sadly, that is the opposite. Sometimes, those people who we think are capable of being alone are the ones that need help.