Beat Anxiety With Your Hobby

Exams, skipping classes, job interviews, new projects, dates. These are just some of the things that make us feel anxious.  Almost all of us have experienced that sensation of momentary butterflies in our stomach.  But anxiety can be a grave problem, debilitating and crippling someone’s ability to function normally.

You feel like you’re repeating patterns that are not doing anything to help you, but are unsure how to “break free.” — Charles Rosen, LCSW



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Understanding Solution-Focused Therapy

Alcohol and drugs obviously create altered states of mind, but overeating, gambling, or having a sex addiction do as well. — Wendy Salazar, MFT

There are a wide array of options of therapies drug rehabilitation offers.  Each person who has addiction has specific needs, and each case is unique and that different treatments are offered.


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My Lover Is An Impostor (Capgras Syndrome)



Ever imagine how you would feel when one day your partner no longer recognizes you but instead telling you to get out of the house because you are just an impostor trying to copy everything his husband is.  And then later it will be other members of the family, could be the mom and dad, siblings, children, and even pets trying to deceive her.

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