Body Integrity Identity Disorder Helps Me Understand My Transgender Partner (Mental Stress Of Having Unwanted Limb)

Transgender brains are a hot topic nowadays, but I never thought that researching concerning this topic would lead me to an issue of body integrity identity disorder which kind of come as awful to me, questioning how these people think.

Due to social norms and constraints, folx from queer and trans communities are typically compelled to examine their gender and sexual/romantic identities far more often than people who identify as straight or cisgender. — Kate Stewart, PhD


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Mental Struggle Of A Mother Dying Of Cancer

They say that dying of cancer is the sweetest and best way to die, but no matter what, death is still painful for those that will be left behind and to the one who is going away, especially if she is a mother.  A mother who worries about the welfare of her family that brings her fears, anxiety, and sadness even in her deathbed.




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Winter Depression Treatment, Light Therapy, Hugging, And Cuddling  

Some people who claim to have normal mental health almost all year round experience depression during the same period every year. Such condition is known as winter depression in which they may sleep too much or may show to have little energy.  



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Extreme Cases of Hoarding

Collecting or keeping things is part of our human nature; we do this for us to preserve the sentimental value behind everything we keep. We collect items such as dolls, cars, watches and the likes because it gives us the satisfaction of seeing things that we like. The art of collecting involves organized and careful handling of things, which makes the collections very pleasing to the eyes. Collecting things with purpose is done in a more organized and rational way.


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