Skateboarding To Recover From Addiction


I have a friend named Joe, who used to struggle with drug addiction, regardless of how many therapists he has seen or how many forms of counseling he has attended. It was like a recurring pattern for him. Joe would tell his family that he wanted to turn a new leaf, then they would ask for referrals from psychologists. Joe could go to therapy for four or five times before feeling the withdrawal symptoms. After that, the drugs would lure him again until such time that he sort of feels awakened and wants to start over again.

In hopes of helping Joe and his family, I looked for alternative ways to recover from addiction. One story I found was that of Tyler Conley, a 24-year-old man in Minnesota who got addicted to opioids at 15. He struggled with treatment as well, but things had gotten better than ever for him when he rekindled his love for skateboarding. Even though he’s not 100% free from the withdrawal symptoms, Tyler can now deal with them without wanting to retake opioids.

If you are like my friend Joe who seems to be in a never-ending battle with drugs, here are some skateboards to buy if you want to try skateboarding to recover from addiction.


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

High praises for Golden Dragon for being able to create a skateboard that is as good as this one. The people who have been skateboarding for decades now have undoubtedly come across some of the finest and grubbiest boards out there. However, this Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is one of the best things that you can acquire.

Fans of anything artsy will think that the fire-breathing dragon at the bottom of the maple deck is quite a beauty. Also, you don’t have to worry about the design becoming scratched whenever you go to rocky terrains because it was screen-printed. Its treaded wheels are so firm and efficient, and its grip is fantastic. Anyone can’t help but enjoy the feeling of riding it even when there are bumps on the road.

Zoo York Blue Print Heritage Complete Skateboard

Professional skateboarders love its speed while the beginners are in awe of the stability and durability of this complete skateboard.


What you may admire about Zoo York Blue Print Heritage is that the whole thing can give that feeling that it’s as if you are back in the old days. You know, when skateboarding is just starting to become a big hit. After all, its brand name, Zoo York, is written on every free space of the board, even on its wheels. Furthermore, it does resemble a rolling blueprint with all those markings and lines on it.

It has an incredible grip as well. Even when the rider moves too much on top of it, you will not fall off of it. The trucks’ soft cushioning is after the heart of any skateboarder who wants to move from one direction to another quickly. Whenever you use it, you will almost not need to exert much effort to angle it to the path where you are heading because it is not too difficult to control.

Its hard-rock maple deck is so strong as well that it’s not necessary to get a spare board anytime soon. You will see that it can hold itself on its own with all the hard kickflips and grinds that you may do with this skateboard.


Shaun White Supply Co. Street Complete Skateboard

This cool-looking Shaun White Supply Co. Street Complete Skateboard with a left hand with full six fingers that kind of shows the “Winner” symbol on the deck can genuinely catch your attention. It is made of hard rock maple and more than strong enough to bear any weight.

Aside from being useful if you need to go to school, you may adore how smooth and how fast it glides. Some people said that when they used it the first time on the street park to hang out with their friends, they managed to outrun them with it. Now, they are so jealous of the fact that they own a Shaun White Supply Co. Street Complete Skateboard.

Let me tell you that this skateboard is the real deal for professional and intermediate skateboarders alike. You will be able to feel that you can ride and get off of it still very much alive. Its bearings are designed for more speed; it has aluminum trucks that firmly and effectively grind on when you skateboard. The grip tape can correctly hold your feet on the maple deck as well.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding to recover from addiction is not the most bizarre thing you can try. Besides, if it’s going to help you get better, you should go for it.

Good luck!