Why You Need To Give Up Porn Addiction


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Pornography is an ordinary part of every person’s life. Both genders can find it exciting and entertaining at the same time. It exists for ages, and a lot of people openly accept it as human’s way of identifying, learning, and fascinating themselves. However, too much of it seems to be a clinical problem. There are instances that porn addiction somehow leads to anxiety, depression, and other psychological illnesses as well. With that, let’s talk about some of the reasons why there is a need for giving up porn for good.

Regardless of its level of engagement to things that trigger sexual desire, people would say that the addiction to porn is not a bad thing. Honestly, (just for the benefit of the doubt), porn does not hurt anybody, it does not create emotional and mental torture to anyone, and it doesn’t bring sadness to those who are not interested in it. Therefore, every one of us can agree that it is only a habit one chooses to have. However, a few things happen when you indulge yourself in too much pornography.

Porn addiction develops much like a drug addiction. After an initially rewarding experience with pornography…, individuals may experience uncontrollable urges to obtain sexual satisfaction through that form of entertainment. — Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

Over Stimulation

Porn addicts become over stimulated. Sometimes, they even watch multiple screens of pornographic scenes only to gain visual satisfaction. The action is very compulsive that they find themselves wanting it more. With that, they usually have a hard time searching for the right clip, video, or visual representation that will give them the desire to become a novelty-driven individual. So there is a need to look for quite good enough scenes that can stimulate their physiological function.

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For many individuals with a sex addiction, there is an attempt to seek connectedness through the sexual act, without having to connect on an emotional level. — Wendy Salazar, MFT

Denies A Healthy Relationship

As much as all individuals want to believe that porn is a significant factor that contributes to the relationship, particularly sex life, it doesn’t. A lot of people think that it can improve intimacy. But the truth is, it doesn’t. It only locks the person into having an idea that sex is something incomplete without full arousal and thrill. He views the “basics” of sexual intercourse as a representation of an unhealthy relationship because it’s doesn’t support a mentally dirty and kinky act.

Penetration-Focused Practice

Porn has a desensitizing capability where it can make someone believe that it is an excellent way of pleasuring one’s self. There’s this mentality that even though a person only watches some clips of pornographic scenes on the screen, it fulfills the sexual desire. But in reality, porn only promotes a penetration-focused practice. Meaning, there’s entirely no sensation in it at all. It takes away a lot of the natural aspects of intimacy. These include touching, feeling, caressing, kissing, foreplay, hugging, and holding. Therefore, when you watch porn, you won’t care about anything and will only fast-forward everything right at the end of the action.

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Pornographic Dependency

Watching porn for the first time can give everybody a one-time unexplained chill and excitement. That’s practically normal for physical and psychological stimuli to react. However, when there is too much indulgement over time, it becomes impossible to remove it instantly. You’ll then realize that you become reliant on it. There’s always this itch inside that pushes you to watch and get on it. There’s a constant seeking for it that entirely wants you to mentally and psychically release it all out.

Keep in mind the risk may be extremely small when they learn the skills of developing true trust, emotional intimacy, and interdependency with others. — Sam Louie MA, LMHC

Reflection On Respect

Pornographic videos, clips, and images can potentially stay forever with the help of the internet. However, your age doesn’t. Therefore, one thing you might accomplish when watching too much porn is having a reflection of respect.  Because the older you get, the more you’ll realize that the porn actors you will be viewing are more likely young individuals. Perhaps it doesn’t hit you when you were the same as their age. But when you get older, and you tend to watch these “kids” doing it, you will recognize that it doesn’t quite feel right at some point.

There are reinforcing and positive things that can eventually happen when you decide to give up porn. As long as you don’t take these bad signs lightly, you will be able to make way for great adjustments. That goes not only for the benefit of your sex life but for your overall human experience as well. Again, porn is not a bad thing. But getting addicted to it is.