Don’t Ignore These Habits Of People With Depression

We know that depression is one of the silent killers that take a toll on a person’s life. And because it is something that nobody takes seriously, many people become afraid to ask for help. They go on with their everyday lives. They live in secrets away from their family and friends. However, there are some small details that people should look out for in a person with depression. Because even though these people might seem normal, they still do things every time they enter a depressive episode.


Every year, millions of people get depressed. That’s the main reason why mental health problems receive recognition all over the world. It becomes the most underrated condition that people experience once or twice in their lives. And even though there’s a broader acknowledgment of its types, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. That is especially when it comes to diagnosis and medical treatment.

Since only a few people consider asking for help, it becomes a significant concern. That’s because nobody can handle depression just by doing it on their own. For some people, they don’t feel it is safe or comfortable to seek professional help because they assume that depression is not a serious issue. Others view the action as a sign of weakness that if they ask for help, they are incapable of handling their problems. That’s why it is essential for family and friends to spot the signs or habits of a person with depression.

The Habits Someone Develops And Go Through With Depression

Always Wanting To Be Alone

Individuals were suffering from depression sometimes get viewed as “loners.” However, it is not a consistent case. Since depression is a psychological dilemma, these people think a lot. It is part of their routine not to speak, not to listen, not to go out with people, and not to care about what’s currently going on in their surroundings.

New possibilities, especially those inspired by the life force that comes from the innate intelligence in our heart, bodies and nature may be helpful at diminishing or silencing these head noises. —  Michael Picucci, PhD, MAC, SEP

In most cases, they want no one to bother them when they are on the verge of feeling sorry for themselves. These depressed people become obsessed with their agony of figuring out situations and force their way to work things on their own. Though it may create a little change at some point, still, most cases only make the struggle worse.


Pushing People Away

It seems like persons with depression completely give up in communication by continuously isolating themselves. Usually, these depressed individuals ignore calls, stop going to school, afraid to show up at work, and are anxious about getting surrounded by others. The habit of pushing people away is nothing new with these individuals who suffer from depression. However, it takes a toll in life because they consider doing it in a harmful way. That’s because they focus on masking the emotion anger rather than loneliness and sadness. These individuals want nothing to do with any human interaction as well. Yes, other people can see them walk around, talk a little bit, smile and laugh sometimes. But those actions are only portrayals that make people think they are functioning when they entirely are not.

If you get stuck on negative thoughts or feelings about the tasks you’re dreading in the next few days, redirect your thoughts to the present moment rather than anticipating the discomfort you expect to feel in the future. — Sarah Farris, LCPC

Losing All The Energy

Depressed individuals don’t have the energy or desire to do anything productive. They become lazy which translate into procrastination. Usually, they will avoid doing chores and stop taking care of themselves. Because of depression, every daily routine becomes a struggle for them. Depressed people feel that even preparing or cooking a meal is very draining and exhausting. That’s perhaps the reason why they don’t consider eating healthy food as well. They also lack the energy to enjoy eating a tasty meal because of extreme feelings of stress about so many things that they can no longer fit into their heads. From there, they start eating less or lose the appetite altogether.

Always Looking For Distractions

Depressed individuals often look for distractions to help keep their minds occupied at all times. Although some of these activities are not bad such as writing a journal, cleaning the house, or exercising, there are those that make the condition worse. Some people tend to have a habit of hurting themselves such as picking a skin, pulling their hair, banging their heads, and so on. These are severe cases that need immediate attention before it becomes a life-threatening situation.


The meaning of experience is what psychodynamically trained therapists focus on. These therapists, of course, are deeply concerned about the reduction of symptoms and they address how patients cognitively assess their problems and symptoms. — Mary-Joan Gerson Ph.D.

It’s essential to note that depression is a mental illness that can be fatal when not treated properly. It tricked people into thinking that they are not loved, that there’s no reason to continue living, and that life has no meaning. With this, a friend or a family member’s approach is crucial. Though it doesn’t mean these depressed individuals with the mental condition will automatically feel comfortable and open up, it will show them that there are people around who can become aware of the changes they are going through to help.